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Future investments and investments in projects.

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+ Flying fuel-free device.
+ The motor generator of energy.
+ Robotics.
+ Electric Vehicles of the future.

+ Moscow. Phone.: 8-985-147-57-24. +
+ Email: investment-robots@yandex.ru
+ About Us.

We - ordinary people, like thousands and thousands around you. Spent hours on the Internet, tracking, in particular, information about innovations in the field of engineering.
Our goal is simple - to make his and your life is more diverse, comfortable, ergonomically designed using the latest developments in the electronics, robotics, the use of non-renewable energy.
Since any large-scale project begins with the financing, our proposal is as follows. The initial contribution - three cottages with land in the Tver region (250 km from Moscow). Each house - it's reinforced concrete structure of size 137 m, with a land allotment - 50, 47 20 hectare.
More information about the location of houses look on this site + cottage
The amount of the sale of real estate - is our investment in terms of money needed to purchase equipment materials, raw materials.
The person (organization, firm, company), which acquires such property becomes a potential partner, the conditions Cooperation with whom (which) are considered in a separate agreement.
You thus become the owner of not only solid state (remember that the price of land increases each year) and get right to share in the invention and manufacture of all that, as mentioned above (Car-Transformers, robots, elektromototsiklov and scooters, boats, solar powered, and so on.).
Feedback - is the use of IT, known today: telephone, Internet, etc. Of course, the necessary and private meetings, because the only way to come to agreement on, emphasize mutually beneficial collaboration.

+ If you are interested in something, you hint us to your friends, relatives or colleagues... +