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Future investments and investments in projects.

Investments in projects

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+ Flying fuel-free device.
+ The motor generator of energy.
+ Robotics.
+ Electric Vehicles of the future.

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All submitted projects - 1, 2, 3, 4 - have a common "feature": they are the most profitable, low-cost, environmentally friendly, on demand, from the standpoint of modern technology.
There comes a time efficient means of transportation - compact, mobile, without the use of conventional fuels.
Electric cars, scooters, unitsikly soon fill the urban space, thus freeing up the street from the cumbersome vehicles and air - from the harmful emissions.
Robotics also cease to be a prerogative of large industries, ports and construction sites. Quiet, cute androids ready to help people by taking over the functions of ... nurse, cargo carriers, and even secretaries.
Above-and underwater devices, and compact, convenient in terms of energy consumption, will not only perform full investigation, but also to be used for sea and river travel.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect: every day people are faced with deception, lies, scams, schemes moshennicheskmimi. but the reality is a reality. Ability to accept it avoids many disappointments.
Believe me, we do not philosophize, preaching a healthy cynicism. We are only talking about what their co-operation will build solely on the basis of trust, openness and honesty. For this - the key to success.

+ Future directions of your investment.

+ Solar Breeze - a solar-powered robot cleans pools.

While already familiar to many robotic vacuum cleaners are gaining market share, their waterfowl "colleagues" are looking for a place under the sun. and this is not a metaphor!
Solar Breeze company introduced a new generation of robots for cleaning swimming pools, replacement model, a two-year years ago. The robot is equipped with the same name solar panels. It collects dust, dirt and oily film.
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+ Robot toy with artificial intelligence.

As expected from the adult robots with artificial intelligence? Solving complex problems in the workplace, assistance in housekeeping, performance of work-related risk to life. And what they want children? Well, of course, toys!
Realizing this, the American company UGOBE Pleo the prehistoric developed with artificial intelligence. Dinosaur from the first days of his life (after first inserting the battery) is launching an independent study of the world. From someone who then be close, "formed" and his character: aggressive or good-natured, energetic or passive
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+ HRP-4 - a prototype of a robot-laborer.

A series of robots developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and by Kawada Industries, supplemented a new model - HRP-4. The functions of the upgraded machine is nothing like ... performance of heavy work. Currently, the prototype perfectly oriented in space, perfect balance, balancing on one leg, recognize faces and objects.
Its height - 151 cm, weight - 39 kg with built-in battery. The robot has 34 degrees of freedom of movement, including full articulation of hands with hand compression force 0.5 kg.
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+ Cargonaut - flying robot, a carrier of goods.
The latest electronic advances - a flying robot, designed to deliver the goods. Its author - Matthias Schmiedbauer, an industrial designer from Germany. The main function of Cargonaut, was the name of the new assistant - carry luggage weights, luggage, in a word, all that, sometimes, can not afford to raise one person.
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+ CarGo - truck-transformer.

Traffic jams in big cities - and the usual bleak picture, regardless of time of day. Designer Adam Schacter proposed an original way to eliminate congestion, prodemonstrirova concept CarGo. Externally - a single small truck that runs on electricity. But it is remarkable not only that, but also by the fact that he is able to mutate into Depending on the ... cargo. I "kid" has three positions: vertical, horizontal and oblique luggage compartment.
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+ Hoverbike - aeromototsikl for flying in the sky.

The idea of the individual ultralight aircraft on the minds of many inventors. One of them, the Australian craftsman Chris Malloy, decided to offer its own apparatus, called Hoverbike. In fact, it's a cross between motorcycle and a helicopter. The pilot is located on the seat between the two screws, which drives the engine of the BMW motorcycle volume 1170 cm3.
Today the concept is still being tested.
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