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Recreation and tourism in Tver and Tver region.

+ With its convenient location in the Tver region is home to many resorts in medical health profile, a lot of tourist areas with highly developed infrastructure.

+ Tver region offers diverse recreation: recreation, health, cultural, educational, sightseeing, pilgrimage, business, boating, fishing, hunting, etc.)

Tourist areas of Tver Region.

+ Tourist Zone "Moscow Sea" is located on the shores of the reservoir Ivankovskoye, near Moscow, has holiday, equipped with modern infrastructure. At the reservoir, the Tver region Ivankomskom You can spend a great time: there are many sports facilities, equestrian club, golf golf, a place for yachting, trails for trophy-raid. Tourist zone, located at Moscow Sea is very rich in various events, programs. Known for sailing competitions, the festival of extreme sports and many other major events are held in the tourist zone "Moscow Sea."

+ Tourist Zone "Seliger", known all over Russia, located in the Tver region. Lake Seliger and Upper Volga lakes, excellent choice for the organization of recreational tourism, fishing, hunting, pilgrim tourism. Tourist camps lake Seliger offers travelers a variety of entertainment and excursions. Most of the tourist areas Tver Region is located on the banks of rivers and lakes and is full of tourist infrastructure.

+ For those who indulge in military history, ecological tourism, pilgrimage tourism, we recommend choosing "West direction "(Rzhev, Mr. Toropets, Rzhev, Nelidovo, Andreapolsky, Toropetskiy districts). There were great battles for the city Rzhev. Biological Station is located here, "Clean Forest", which are engaged in cultivation of orphaned bear cubs and return them to the natural habitat. Here is andreapolskoe Brosno Lake, which is found in the ocean herring, but the legend lives here prehistoric mammal - a monster named "Brosno."

+ In the Tver Region fall and those who travel on the "Golden Ring of Russia". Along the route, which is included in the tourism zone "string of pearls", you will visit three cities of Tver Region. City Kalyazin (Tver Atlantis) - a flooded city, the which resembles the bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral, which rises from the water. The oldest Russian spa resort, founded by the order of the Emperor in 1884 - the city of Kashin. Always remembered by its unique architecture Kimry city, which is called "wooden modernity." For the tourist infrastructure of Tver region are being added tourist sites, in different directions: yacht clubs, hotels, motels, resorts. In Kimry area, new interactive programs in the tourism infrastructure - "Museum of vipers" and "Ban the museum."

+ Bezhetskiy, Sonkovsky, Krasnokholmsky, Kesovogorsky, Vesegonsk, Molokovsky, Sandovskii and Forest areas located on the north-east of the region, are popular among tourists. There is a tourist zone "Bezhetskiy top." Tourist Zone "Bezhetskiy Top" located on the border with Yaroslavl and Vologda regions. The zone has a good Prospects for the development of fishing, hunting, sailing and transit tourism. Among the new sites is "Museum of Bees," which located in Section Sandovo, there are all conditions for development of tourist infrastructure.

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