For sale Cottage. 250 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway. 47 acres.

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Real estate in Russia. Phone Moscow. 8-985 -147-57-24.

What does nature - Oleninskogo area.

+ Mushrooms (white, aspen, mushrooms, svinushki, etc.), cranberries, raspberries, pine nuts, wild apples, etc.

+ Tver Region is located in the southern taiga and subtaiga areas. It is dominated by mixed deciduous-coniferous forests. The main types of vegetation - spruce, pine, birch, aspen and alder. Also, much of the area occupied by coniferous forests.

What animals are in the woods Oleninskogo area.

+ The basis of the fauna of the region is taiga species are black and three-toed woodpeckers, grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse, bullfinch, crossbill, flying squirrel, hare, lynx, wolf, marten, moose, bear, partridge, rook, hare, roller, hoopoe and other species.

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