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History Oleninskogo area.

In 1477 occurs the first mention of. Spaska. So it was named in the charter of King Customs, issued by the VI Shumsky. Subsequently, the village was renamed to. Young ACL. During the Livonian War in 1582 was subjected to a strong edge of ruin by Polish troops. A strong fight was to have. Urdom. In view of the desolation Molodotudskaya and three parish were transferred to the Office of the palace. In 1689 the king granted a large portion of these lands to the prince and boyar V.P.Sheremetevu Dolgoruky.

In the XVIII century. farmers engaged in agriculture Oleninskogo edge. The main crops - rye, wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, sometimes - peas. Vegetables - cabbage, beets, carrots, onions. Of the commercial crops - flax, hemp. Harvests due to insufficient soil fertility was low. The peasants were forced to engage in crafts (blacksmithing, coopers, wheel, weaving basketry, weaving), and seasonal work.

At the end of XVIII-XIX centuries. special development were flax and forestry. Industry has developed poorly, except for small companies - cheese-making, flour mill, blacksmithing, pottery, oil pressing.

The first school education began to appear after the land reform. In 1871 it was discovered Bobrovskoye School in 1874 year - and Pyzhevsky Molodotudskoe, 1880 - Zavidovo. In 1874 was created Molodotudsky medical assistant station. At the beginning of XX century was discovered in the library with. Holmets.

With the construction of the railway in 1898 exports were the main subject of wood, wood construction materials, linen, lnosemya, bread, flat glass. In 1900 opened the first industrial enterprise - Magdugalsky flax mill in 1911 - Tatarinskii and Oleninsky.

During the first Russian revolution unfolded in our province the peasant movement. In 1902 began the peasant unrest in a. Znamenskoye against the subdivision of land.

In 1905-1907. centers of the revolutionary movement and became Shoptovskaya Gluhovskaya parish. Soviet power was established in late December 1917. Olenino passing in 1920, visited the VI Lenin (in 1970 the station Olenino memorial stele).

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