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History Oleninskogo area.

In 1922-29 years. Olenino - Parish Center. Until 1929 the territory of the district was part of the Rzhev county in 1929 was created Oleninsky district in the West, and from 1935 - Kalinin (now Tver) Region.

Oleninsky area during the Great Patriotic War.

Before the Great Patriotic War to the present territory of the district population of about 80 thousand inhabitants. was 88 elementary, 21 junior high schools and 4 secondary. There were three flax, three sawmills, 10 syrozavodov, 3 MTS, 2 tiled, brick factory, a starch factory, two plant soft drinks.

17 months, from October 1941 to March 4, 1943 the area was occupied by Nazi troops. In the German rear Partisan detachments. It is widely known name of the heroic dead partisan Faith piston. After Oleninsky District held a defensive line of the Rzhev-Vyazemsky defensive line. Places of fierce fighting on the ground Oleninskoy - c. Holmets, p. Young ACL, etc. Gusev, etc. Tarkhova, etc. Urdom. Damage to the area by the war, amounted to 1,262,215,467 rubles (in the scale of prices up to 1961). More than two thousand people were killed and 6000 civilians have been driven into Nazi Germany.

Around 6000 olenintsev died in the Great Patriotic War. District 13 has given Homeland Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Monuments of the Great Patriotic War.

On the ground Oleninskoy are 30 war graves, including two memorials - in the village Holmets dedicated to soldiers 158 Rifle Division Moscow militia, and in the village Olenino; the grave of the Hero of the Soviet Union IM Strukova tomb "Partisan mothers' AD Frolova. Total buried in the district of more than 30,000 soldiers.

The memorial sign on the spot feat Moskovsky Komsomolets 158 Infantry Division Abraham Levin closed the embrasure with his body an enemy bunker, located near the village of Holmets. In the village Olenino a monument in honor of those killed in olenintsev War and Walk of Fame Heroes of the Soviet Union.

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