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History Oleninskogo area.

In addition, in the district are defenses: anti-tank ditch Rzhev-Vyazemsky defensive line, anti-tank ditch Verkhnevolzhskaya defense system, defense bases of Soviet troops, DOTs.

The post-war period.

From the Nazi occupation Oleninsky area was released in early March 1943.

A year after the release has been restored 164 farm, they were provided with cattle, and built the necessary livestock buildings. In a relatively short period of time has been built 13 villages over a thousand families who remained in the the occupation of the homeless have received new homes. During the year have been put Mostovskoi flax, Kozinskaya Peat, a sawmill. In the work involved three MTS.

Much attention was paid to reconstruction of institutions of public education and health. In 1947, the network of schools was recovered about 80%, and health care - entirely.

By January 1, 1947 housing stock in paragraph Olenino was restored about 60%, and developed agriculture. Reference has been taken on the permanent expansion of cultivated areas.

And by 1950 the economy Oleninskogo area was not only completely restored, but was further the development.

The modern history.

Settlement of venison in recent years has frequently been the winner of the regional competition for improvement settlements.

Currently, much attention is paid to landscaping. The newspaper "Our Life" is a regular broadcast Oleninskogo municipal television. Are two logging and woodworking enterprises LLC "Exotic" LTD "MostLes."

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