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History Oleninskogo area.

Oleninsky district is located in the southwestern part of the Tver region, in the southern part of the Upper Volga Upland, south-eastern borders of the Smolensk region. The area of 2,7 thousand square meters. km, the population of 15.6 thousand people. Olenino, urban village, the center Oleninskogo area (in the 1929-63 years. And 1964), a railway station in the Rzhev - Velikie Luki, 5.5 thousand people, emerged in 1898 as a settlement with the railway station.

The peculiarity of the region is that feed the river basins of three seas. Rivers Sishka, Tudovka, Osuga belong to the basin of the Volga River, Birch, Luchesa, Obsha belong to the Western Dvina River Basin Baltic Sea. Near the southern boundary of the area
dates back Oleninskogo p. Dnepr (the Black Sea basin).

The district has Oleninsky obschevidovoy Reserve, located north of the village Tarkhova where protected plants listed in the Red Book, is the reproduction of elk, grouse, wild boar, bear.

The area is rich in coniferous and deciduous forests. About 90% of the territory occupied by forests.

The first human settlements in the district have 10-12 thousand years ago in the Mesolithic period. Archaeologists studied the settlement on the banks of rivers Tudovki, Obshi, Luchesy. The main occupations of people have been hunting, fishing and gathering. The presence of high-quality flint has made it possible to handle it.

On the banks of River. Tudovki many settlements XI-XIII centuries. Owned by a Finnish-Ugric tribes. In the north of the area preserved Slavic burial mounds-X-XI centuries., in part Sazonov - the remains of the ancient city. In an era of Kievan Rus in the land area Slavic tribes lived Krivichy.

In the middle of the XII century. together with the Rzhev region is part of the principality of Smolensk, at the beginning of the XIII century. - Possession of Novgorod and Toropetzkaya Prince Mstislav the Daring. In the XIII century. Rzhevskoe formed the Principality, and the territory of the district is part of it. In the XIII century. Lithuanians are deeply invaded the territory of Russia and founded the towns of the land in the Rzhev - military Fortress.

In 1323 in the first mentioned in documents. Urdom.

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