For sale Cottage. 250 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway. 47 acres.

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Real estate in Russia. Phone Moscow. 8-985 -147-57-24.

+ Cottage For Sale reinforced concrete. 250 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway. Land - 47 acres.
+ Infrastructure: the school, kindergarten, bibilioteka, post office, shops, club. Near park, pond, river Volga.
+ Hunting, fishing. Mushrooms and berries. The road paved.
+ Cottage: zareshecheny windows, metal doors, separate bathroom.
+ Around - a high fence, garage, barn, bathhouse. Fruit trees.
+ Legal documents on clean cottage and land.
+ Cottage for sale by owner owner of three Stepanavan rubles.

+ In the area of the field Oleninskom of Education - 27 schools, cultural institutions - 32 of KFOR and 27 libraries in the health sector - CRH, two hospitals and 29 nurse-midwife stations, MP "Pharmacy."
+ By public transport: train number 661 Moscow - Velikie Luki, departure from Riga station, arrival at the station. Olenino.
+ Moscow-Riga bus stop Olenino. With Schelkovskogo bus in Moscow. Moscow-Riga Highway M9.
+ The bus Moscow - Nelidovo, departure from the area of the Riga station. Stop - Olenino.
+ For residents of St. Petersburg can be reached via Rzhev on the train, then bus to the next stop Nelidovo - Olenino.
+ Private car or taxi. Moscow-Riga Highway M9.
Future investments and investments in projects.