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Future investments and investments in projects.

Investments in projects

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+ Flying fuel-free device.
+ The motor generator of energy.
+ Robotics.
+ Electric Vehicles of the future.

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+ Email: investment-robots@yandex.ru
+ Collaboration: our proposals.

Having your business, you may continue to engage in very promising areas of science and technology. The list of projects - the motor-generator, robotics, electric transport, etc. (see project 1.4). Our initial contribution - three cottages with plots of land in the Tver region (250 km from Moscow). More information about the location of houses look on this site + cottage
Money from the sale of real estate will go to fund the proposed programs, namely the purchase of equipment (for example, a mini-furnace for melting metal, mini lathes, laser systems for cutting, 3D-printers), supplies, payroll specialists and so forth. We offer to buy these houses, and by combining efforts and resources to do the development and launch mass production of robots, electric transformers, all that is still a concept, model, prototype of the future of the real product. Naturally, all development will be agreed with you in person or over the Internet, by telephone, etc.

+ Engineering of the invention is particularly in demand by consumers.

+ E-insect-bird, a robot spy, able to fly.
Defense structures in many countries increasingly use unmanned observation vehicles. These devices are made based on different technologies, but masterpieces like the new drone created by the U.S. Air Force engineers, laboratory, while very rare.
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+ Mini-car convertible.

Toyota Fun-Vii is nothing like an interactive car. Its owner, depending on the time and desire, can change the color of the machine at least every day or hour.
The outer surface of a display, which is broadcast all that your heart desires. For example, just the color, the abstract or the actual image, and video. Changing the make-up, if you like, make-up, literally, in the hands of the driver!
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+ YikeBike - elektrobayk original, almost perfect and affordable.

For the first time the public is a miracle Eurobike show at an exhibition in Germany.
Advantages over other similar YikeBike means obvious. It is compact - when folded into a bag medium-sized, mobile - packaging scooter requires no more than 20 seconds, easy to design - the total weight of just over 10 kg, has a good speed - 25 km / h (maximum), then for the city streets is enough, is equipped with an electric motor - One battery charge is enough for the original 10 km journey.
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+ The unique skateboard.

In fact, it's - worn over regular shoes roller skates with built-in electric motors and batteries, as well as a wireless remote control. The maximum speed of the new "spinkiksov" - 10 km / h Battery charge is enough to drive 3-4 km (depending on the slope). Lithium batteries are charged for 2-3 hours, but they are removable, they can be changed to "fresh." Rider weight should not exceed 80 kg.
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+ Solowheel - portable unitsikl.

Single-wheel elektroskuter is a wheel with a handle and folding the platforms for the feet. Weight machines - only 9 lbs. This is despite the fact that in the body contains a 1000-watt battery, which lasts for two hours' drive from a single charge. Solowheel management principles borrowed from the "big brother" Segway: to get up to speed, you need to lean forward and on the contrary, to slow down, back. Maximum speed is 19 km / h
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+ Solar-powered lamp.

The Americans have developed an all-weather light source, intended primarily for people in poor countries without Access to the electrical network, as well as for people affected by natural disasters.
LuminAID consists of a flexible thin film solar cell, a pair of flat battery the size of a coin and a few bright LEDs. All of them are hermetically sealed in translucent resin package that is both more and scatterer.
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+ Core - Robotic legs for transportation.

Japanese developers from Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology presented to the public under the name of the robot Core, which is designed to replace the leg man, a man with limited independent movement. This device is weighing 230 kg and a height of 190 centimeters can easily transfer the weight to 100 pounds.
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