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The free energy. Nikola Tesla.

Inventions of Nikola Tesla, in particular, the alternating current transformer, and have become part of everyday life. hundreds of thousands of appliances with two conductors ("fork") continually connected to the network, transferring heat information maintaining the fire and so on. Try removing one conductor and all - a chain, it seems, immediately closes, the current ceases pulsate. Rule known even in school textbooks, at one time denied itself by Tesla repeatedly demonstrated the effect of the power transmission conductor or one, or none at all.
So, at the end of the last century, Colorado (USA) on the initiative of the scientist was built antenna tower, which is used frequency of 160 kHz was measured, and the voltage reached 100 million volts. Lone Genius was convinced of one thing: to transfer energy at a distance requires only a powerful source of potential field, which varies with frequency.
The principal difference between the systems and the Tesla transmitter "radio" Hertz is that the system should not be the first work with the existing terms of modern physics "worldviews."

Great experimenter often repeated, "are mistaken who believe that in my system transmitted electricity ...". Indeed, the "receiver" in the scheme of Tesla power can occur without the cost of power "transmitter". Moreover, several of these "receivers" in "play" that is located in the "transmitter" energy. It is fundamentally important: the energy in these systems do not spread. That is where the power of "pumped" by a single conductor, the current in it (in Explorer) is zero.
In the journal "Inventor" of 1992 ( 5,6) have been described by the results of experiments V.V.Avramenko held at the then-Union Electrotechnical Institute in Moscow. The bottom line is this: the power transmitted by one conductor and the efficiency of the system at the same time was more than 150%. The most interesting was the fact that the current in the conductor again reduced to zero. Unfortunately, such cases are explained by conventional science still can not, relating them to the class ... phenomena.
The same "exception" from the laws of physics is the so-called "effect Bifelda-Brown", open more than half a century ago. Imagine a parallel-plate capacitor of two plates, which creates a driving force directed toward the positively charged plate. A necessary condition to achieve the result - a high voltage: 50 kV and above. Pat T. Brown pointed out that the force created due to the action potential of the electric field. By the way, patents on the effect have been reported in England and the United States.

The same idea can be traced in the concepts of Tesla. The potential field does work without the cost of the building, where the energy expended in terms of fewer withdrawals.
Many researchers in the field of "free" energy noted a number of phenomenological properties of their systems - the creation of excess capacity could be accompanied by, for example, the effect of weight reduction (or "anti-gravity"), cooling the rotor during its rotation, bio-energy effects, and even change the speed of time in within a certain radius around an operating device.
In 1990 American inventor Floyd Sweet demonstrated the so-called "vacuum triode amplifier" is used in its design, the permanent magnets. Given that the system efficiency higher than 1, also observed a decrease in weight of the device directly during operation. It should be noted that the "side" effect is an indicator of high productivity of the system, namely, the system creates a lift force, while not wasting energy.
During the operation of the system of Alexander Chernetsky along with the creation of excess capacity observed bioenergetic effects.
Interestingly, a number of systems to create excess capacity, and other phenomena have in their design source potential, such as a field of permanent magnets, electrical supply, the electrostatic field. There is concept, which implies that the potential field is capable of doing work and not spend your reserves. In other words, for obtain a power that is doing work per unit time, requires only a source of potential.
Organized in a certain way that potential changes in time, you can get more power than a few times previously spent.
In many systems, to obtain the excess power is used so-called principle of alternate screening and opening of the potential field. As stated above all boils down to the potential to change over time.
As an illustration, we use the scheme of the patent Eklina John (USA), in which 1 and 3 - the permanent magnets, 5 - Anchor, 27 and 29 - the "window", 33 - motor. Thus, the motor 33 rotates the shaft on which the "window" 27 and 29 so that these windows alternately open and close the magnets. In this case, when the window opens 27, closes the window 29. Accordingly, if a magnet (eg, 1) is open, the other (3) is closed, that is, when the field is a magnet field of the magnet 3 close "window." Due to the alternate use of the anchor 5 is accelerated in the direction of the open magnet. But, before the anchor closer to the magnet, this magnet is a window opens and closes the window of another magnet. Anchor in this way begins to accelerate in the opposite direction. As an anchor can be used directly magnet. For example, a north-south - the north-south - the north-south. Right and left are the stators, the middle - the anchor. With an appropriate choice of parameters (force fields and forms of magnets, special materials), the energy obtained by the motion of the armature (or the motion of the magnetic field) may exceed the energy required for opening and closing of the magnets.
It should be noted that there are other proprietary operating systems with models (in particular, in the U.S.), in which the efficiency of is equal to 318%. In these and similar systems are already proven in practice, there is a violation of the law of conservation of energy, since Efficiency is greater than 1.

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