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Levitation generator. Edward Lidskalnynsh - levitating stones.

If you go by car from Miami to the side of Florida City, then on one of the crossroads to 'The Coral Castle, 3 miles to "turn to the west, the traveler expects a truly man-made wonder - Coral Castle, a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons , built by hand without the use of machines. Site located on a huge two-story square tower (weight - 243 tons), and various buildings, massive walls, underground swimming pool with spiral staircase, stone map of Florida, roughly hewn chairs, a table in the form of the heart, accurate sundial, stone Mars and Saturn, as well as 30-ton per month, its horn just pointing to the North Star. All this splendor alone has built a small (152 cm, 45 kg) and weak-looking man - Edward Lidskalnynsh that spent on the construction of buildings for 20 years. Every day, he carried huge boulders from the shore and coral limestone blocks hew out of it, not even using primitive jackhammer all the tools are made self-taught master of the abandoned road remains.
As Ed was a terrific imagination to build the castle? Legend has it that the reason for everything - unrequited love ... Future Coral-castle builder was born in Riga, August 10, 1887. At age 26 he was betrothed to Agnes Skaffs in which was passionately in love.

However, the day before the wedding, the bride broke off the engagement ... According to the girls and the poor little Edward, who has only 4 class education, hereditary stonemason, could hardly make her happy. Agnes later married a prosperous doctor and gave birth to 3 sons. Heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of his beloved, Edward decided to take a desperate step - as far as possible away from these places, where everyone and everything reminded him of betrayal and dramatic experiences.
Since Edward was in America. After working first in Canada, then he moved to California and from there to Texas. In the end, tormented by tuberkelezom, in 1918 he moved into the warm Florida, where he remained almost until 1936.
Having bought a small piece of vacant land, Lidskalnynsh launched its ideas - building coral facilities. It soon turned out that the site is not only small in size, which is not consistent with the plan, but also inconvenient for the new architectural structures from the adjacent, adjoining buildings too close.
Ed buys a new one for 10-acre plot at a distance of nearly ten miles from the old location. This is where there is a first question: how frail, not too physically strong man could move through a distance previously stored coral blocks?
There is evidence that Edward, allegedly arranged with a friend, who had a tractor with a trailer on the carriage of cargo. and Indeed, many saw the coral blocks regularly "traveled" on the state highway, but none of the neighbors could not say when and how Ed loaded or unloaded the car. All claimed in one voice: Edward Lidskalnynsha were not available No trucks or lifts. Transportation process took almost 3 years.

Newly-born American, he worked on his land only at night by the light of a lantern with care confidentiality measures. On all questions answered proudly: "I discovered the secret of the pyramid builders". Today in Florida gaze of thousands upon thousands of tourists opens an extraordinary building, truly a national treasure of the State - the castle, built of coral limestone blocks, it should be noted block to truly cyclopean proportions. They are not held together with a solution, but only tightly adjusted to each other.
In the area surrounded by high walls, you can get through the giant door. Devyatitonnaya lump-axis is fixed with just one pin, and is easy to open, is just a little pressure on her finger.
The first thing that catches your eye, it's bizarre two-story square tower. Among the sculptures, as mentioned above, there are celestial objects - Saturn, Mars and the majestic crescent. Huge stone rocking chairs, beds. Under the ground - a fancy restaurant, where rain water drains. Sundial tells the time up to two minutes. Hewn table in the shape of the heart called the "world's largest valentine"...
In 1952 E. Lidskalnynsh died suddenly. After his death in a room at the top of a square tower found a fragmentary record, which says something about the magnetism of the Earth, and "managing the flow of cosmic energy." But - no specific explanation ... A few years after the death of Edward intrigued American engineering company, wanting to prove the fraud of the owner of the castle, conducted his own experiment. For this was rented most powerful bulldozer, with which, and tried to move one of the unused blocks.
Nothing came of it. Thus, the mystery of the castle buildings and transportation of boulders until then had remained unsolved. Immediate construction of the witnesses there, Lidskalnynsh nobody admitted to its object (for unsociable and asceticism he was even nicknamed the "grim Ed"). However, according to the recollections of some older Americans, which in those days were still boys, coral boulders at the site were flying through the air like toys, ... and an elderly neighbor solemnly swear that she saw as Edward put his hands on the stones and made strange sounds lingering. "At first I thought that guy was crazy," - she said.
Scientists who study the "phenomenon of Ed" for several decades, they say that they are still more questions than answers. to example, once they tried to remove the multi-ton revolving door that hung at the entrance to the castle. To do this required a powerful crane and a few dozen workers. The door was removed. And it turned out that she was attached by only a rusty suspension of the truck, which immediately fell apart, and old age. To hang the door in its place, we had to draw the best engineers and modern computer technology.
According to Ray Stoner, author of the Coral-castle, Edward, as the ancient builders of the pyramids, had a secret control antigravity. According to this theory, our planet is covered with a giant power grid. At the intersections of the "power the lines of "there is a tremendous concentration of the internal energy of the earth, through which you can move things in space and time, regardless of their weight.

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