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Hutchison Effect.

Hutchison Effect - a set of phenomena which were discovered accidentally in 1979 by the author in the study of longitudinal waves of Tesla.
He comes from the interference of the longitudinal waves in a certain region of space, created by high voltage sources, usually a generator van de Graaff, and two or more coils of Tesla. Under the interference should be understood as a mutual strengthening or weakening of the amplitude of two or more coherent waves, while propagating in space. Coherent waves - the waves are characterized by the same frequency and constancy of the phase difference at a given point in the same space.
Among the effects produced are: levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials (such as metal and wood), anomalous heating of metals without burning substances in their vicinity, spontaneous rupture of metal objects (which burst, raspolzayas in different directions).
In addition, there are both temporary and permanent changes in the crystal structure and physical properties of metals. In Fig. 1 is a proof of the "Hutchison Effect" on the example pieces of metal. Deformation occurred at room temperature as a result of a complex interaction of electromagnetic fields.

Levitation of heavy objects, occurring as a result of the Hutchison effect - this is not a simple electrostatic or electromagnetic soaring.
Those who dare to hold their own experience, it must be remembered that the equipment used (see above) should be applied only to a limited power of 75 watts from the power AC 120V. It is these parameters were used in the apparatus Hutchison to raise into the air shestidesyatifuntovogo cannonball.
An alloy of heterogeneous materials - it is really remarkable phenomenon, clearly indicating that the Hutchison Effect is able to exert a powerful influence on the van der Waals forces. A surprising and incomprehensible contradiction lies in the fact that dissimilar substances can simply "raft", and thus there is no dissociation of any of the substances. A piece of wood is literally "drowning" in a metal box, with no metal, no tree is destroyed. In addition, no signs of displacement, such as those that occur when, for example, throw a stone into a container with water.
The anomalous heating of metals without burning or located near the hot material (usually wood) is a direct indication that the nature of heat, probably not yet fully understood. It shows great prospects for the development of thermodynamics, where the concept of a central heat. It must be emphasized: thermodynamics has been studying the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which in this context is almost insignificant from zero to infinity hertz.
The anomalous heating that occurs when the effect of Hutchison, clearly indicates that we have much to learn, especially for events that take place at the junction of thermodynamics, and electromagnetism.

Spontaneous rupture of metals, which also occurs as a result of the Hutchison Effect, is unique for two reasons: firstly, there are no signs of any "external forces" which have served the cause of the gap, and secondly, the nature of cracking of the metal involves the motion of sliding sideways in the the horizontal direction. The metal is literally spreading.
Some temporary changes in the crystal structure and physical properties of metals is partly reminiscent of the "spoon bending" of Uri Geller, except that at the time when these changes took place, close to the metal samples were nothing. In one of the videos show how the spoon is bent up and down. In the case of irreversible changes to a metal bar became as hard as steel, at one end, and soft as powdered lead, on the other.
Thus, we have again a sign of a strong impact on the van der Waals (recall the forces of intermolecular / interatomic and / interaction with the energy of 10-20 kJ / mol).
The interference of radio waves, which leads to the emergence of these phenomena is created using the 4.5 radio sources, and they all operate at low voltage. However, in an area where there is interference, there is tension in the hundreds of kilovolts.
Some researchers have suggested that Hutchison failed to open zero-point energy of vacuum. It is found at a temperature of zero degrees Kelvin, where any activity expected of atoms stops (hence the name of this type of energy). Zero-point energy associated with the spontaneous emission and annihilation (reaction transformation of particles and antiparticles when they clash in any other particles that differ from the original) of electrons and positrons, occurring as a result of what is called the "quantum vacuum". The density of the energy contained in the quantum vacuum, the estimates are about 1013 joules per cubic centimeter, which, according to available data, it is sufficient in order to evaporate in an instant all the oceans of Earth.
Subject to obtaining access to such energies is not surprising that the Hutchison Effect produces such bizarre phenomena. It is still difficult to achieve regular playback of this phenomenon. In the future it is necessary, first, to increase the frequency of occurrence of such effects, and secondly, to learn how to manage them with a sufficient degree of accuracy.

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