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Acoustic levitation.

We know from the priests of the Far East, they were able to lift heavy boulders on the highest mountains, publishing ... special sounds. Knowledge about the impact of different vibrations in the audio range on subjects helped them to cancel the force of gravity.
At one time, a Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson described this phenomenon in a scientific journal.
More detail is that Dr. Jarl began in the 40s of last century.
For a long time he lived in Tibet, where he learned many interesting things, in fact, seen quite a unique phenomenon.
One day a friend of the doctor brought in a neighborhood of a monastery and showed sloping meadow, surrounded on the north-west by high cliffs. In one of the walls of rock, at an altitude of approximately 250 meters, they saw a large hole, reminiscent of the entrance to the cave. Before the opening there was a platform on which the monks built a stone wall. The only access to the platform was at the top of the cliff, but because the monks were going down with ropes.
In the middle of the meadow, about 250 meters from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a circular depression in the center. The depression had a diameter of 1 meter and a depth of 15 centimeters. A block of stone (length - 1 m, width - 1.5 meters) was introduced into the cavity yaks. At a distance of 63 meters from the stone slab set 19 monks of musical instruments in an arc of 90 degrees, among them - 13 drums and six pipes. Eight drums had a diameter of 1 meter length - 1-1.5 meters, four drums, respectively - 0.7 meters and 1 meter.

A single small drum diameter was 0.2 meters with a length of 0.3 meters. All pipes, without exception, have the same size: Length - 3.12 meters, Bell - 0.3 m
The big drums and pipes installed in the fixtures, which are adjusted using the tripod in the direction of the stone slab. Big drums, weighing 150 kg, built in five sections. All of them were open at one end, while its other end had a metal base to which the monks beat the big leather clubs. Behind each instrument was a number of novices of the monastery. When the stone was placed, one that was behind the small drum gave a signal "to start the concert." This small drum is published as a sharp, shrill sound that could be heard along with other instruments, by the way, emitting a terrible, almost unbearable noise. Monks, without interruption, sang in unison prayer, gradually and slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then, with the increasing speed of sound of drums, a big stone block started to rock, to waver, and then suddenly took off. All of increasing speed, a boulder in the air headed toward the platform (remember that it was at 250 meters above ground level), and then, after about three minutes, lifting, gently down on this same platform.

Continually bringing new blocks to the meadow, the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 meters long and a height of 250 meters.
Needless to say, Dr. Jarl was the first foreigner to whom it possible to contemplate such an incredible sight. At first he thought it was in the grip of mass psychosis. Later, to confirm what he saw, Jarl made two films about what happened in the Tibetan mountains.
Unfortunately, this latest film documents were confiscated and sent to the archive ... to the best of times (which, alas, has not yet come!).
Yet another fact of "flight" of items that have overcome the force of gravity of the earth. Thus, a physicist and inventor, David Dick has created unique device by which he achieved the effect of "acoustic levitation": a variety of gizmos is not very large weight freely floated in the air under the influence of the acoustic pressure produced by three speakers in the chamber pleksiglazovoy the cubic form. Dick was not only to make things fly, but also to control their movement!

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