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Wiman - Aircraft of Ancient India.

Flying machines, though existing in ancient times, are mentioned in the myths of many peoples. But the best known received the so-called vimana described in Indian epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana". They are, according to legend, is not moved only within the Earth's atmosphere, but rushed into space and even on other planets. As far from reality These legends have tried to find out the researcher of Indian antiquities, Robert Goodman. In 1990 he published an article in the journal "Legendary Times" of the International Association of Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI problem. A summary of his findings is presented below.
In recent years, several researchers antiquities of India is seriously engaged in searching, collecting and deciphering of manuscripts, telling about the vimana.One of them, a writer and an expert in Sanskrit, Subramaniam Iyer deciphered the writing on palm leaves, made 800 years ago and found in the areas of Karnataka in South India.In the period from 1975 to 1978 they were discovered ancient texts describing the production technology vimaana. Hoping to use this information in modern aviation and space technology, the scientist turned to the director of the Indian government's Department of Prabhu to join forces to reproduce some of the technical characteristics of flying machines.

Director of the Department informed the discoverer, that he had already taken appropriate action to reply, and even had some success.
As it turned out, Prabhu also studied texts on palm leaves, and borrowed from them describe the compositions of certain alloys of which allegedly were made vimaana fuselages. Moreover, he was able to play in 1991, these alloys and to test. The results were stunning, as revealed unique properties of the alloys, which make them suitable for use of modern aviation, aerospace and military affairs.
In September 1992 the newspaper "Indian Express" published an article confirming that found in the areas of Karnataka texts are nothing more than a guide to creating superalloys, with unknown current technology properties. The above Prabhu if recreated from descriptions five alloys, and is now working on the others. article also reported that at a recent congress in India Prabhu to report back to their experiences.
According to the speaker, the test alloys were carried out not only in India but also in other countries, particularly in the U.S., in California, where the University of San Jose tested alloys "Tamogarbha Loja" (lead alloy, which absorbs 85 percent of the energy emitted by a ruby laser), "Pancha Loha" (an alloy of copper, lead and zinc, which has good ductility and exceptional resistance to corrosion), "AraaraTamra" (fragile and very light corrosion alloy) and the "Chapala Grahaka" (a high-quality ceramic material, which, with slight modification gives a very soft acid and glass).

At the present day compositions transcribed another 14 materials, including "Bhandhira Loja" (Acoustic alloy) and "Vidyut Darpana" (glass, neutralizing the light). According to Prabhu, the decrypted texts point to certain areas of deposits of minerals and explain their methods of extraction and purification. At the formal request addressed to Prabhu asking you to confirm the truthfulness of information, inter alia, said that under his leadership now attempts to get a glass that absorbs sunlight, and the alloy used in the manufacture of fuselages vimaana (alloy, which absorbs heat, emitted as a result of friction with the air vehicles at high speeds).
In light of the gains in the description of the real features of the "Mahabharata" a battle between Arjun (the hero of the epic), and demons:
Arjun went to heaven, in order to get the divine weapons from the heavenly inhabitants and learn how to use it. There, the Lord of heaven, Indra, Arjun ordered to destroy the demon army of 30 million of these creatures, who took refuge in the fortresses on the ocean floor.Indra gave Arjun aircraft, piloted by the Assistant Master of the heavens Malati. The device could not just fly through the air, but also to overcome the underwater space. В последующем сражении демоны устроили потоп, но Аржуна с помощью божественного оружия высушил всю воду. Further, the "Mahabharata" describes what Arjun returned to heaven in his car and found the amphibious floating in space, the city, rotating around its axis. This city was called Hiranyapura (Golden City) and was built Brahma.
By the time described the city enslaved demons. And because Arjun was ordered to destroy the settlement. Evil forces resisted fiercely, using unprecedented means. "It was a terrible battle, - says the" Mahabharata "- during which the city was thrown into the depths of space, and then subjected to strong shaking. City Arjun shot his divine arms and smashed it into pieces that fell to Earth. Survivors got demons from the ruins and again rushed into the fight. But Arjun destroyed them, for which he was named the greatest hero of Indra. "
This story is strikingly similar plot of the movie "Star Wars", except for that described in the "Mahabharata" events occurred five thousand years ago!
Further, it is appropriate to mention the flight of the "modern Vimana", tested in Bombay in 1895 by Dr. Talpade, Professor at the School of Art (a fact, though not confirmed by reliable sources). He supposedly built it with his his wife, an engineer by profession, as well as the friend of the architect. Dubbed a flying car - "Maroon SACAM" (translated means "friend of wind "). Even before the project Talpade consulted the sage Anekalem Subharayya Shastri of Bangalore with respect to propulsion system operating on solar power and forced pumping of mercury. Sage Shastri referred to the details of this historic meeting in his autobiography: "Dr. Talpade asked me to help him in his work. I gave an introduction to Dr. Maharishi Bharadvayya treatise "Vimaanika Shaastra."
The next day they came to me, except Talpade, his assistant Shri Balubhai and several other interested parties. doctor Talpade wrote and I quoted came the texts written in Sanskrit. "

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