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Motor Victor Schauberger. Disc Belontse.

One of the "highlights" disc was the original vortex Belontse V. Schauberger's engine. Throughout the life of an engineer working on the theory of the energy of a moving vortex flow of a liquid or gas.
Viktor Schauberger was born in Austria in 1885. The first mention of his activities related to early 20s, wher working as a forester in a logging company, the inventor has designed and installed water troughs spiral notches, like gun. When the logs fell back in the gutter, they rotate around its axis and moved like a shells, which accelerated the speed of moving logs themselves.
In 1930, Schauberger designed a generator, turbine, which is fundamentally different from conventional design water. Generator is installed near the sawmill and successfully used for 3 years. At the beginning of World War II Austrian engineer interned in a Nazi concentration camp, where they have involved on the "disk Belontse."
The main idea of the engine Schauberger - is the formation of a vortex inside the combustion chamber. The vortex creates a vacuum, sucking air through a turbine, realizing the business cycle "mechanical energy and heat below the mini-tornado + heat + more thrust mechanical energy."
This concept is called the Schauberger implosion, antivzryvom so frequent phrase "based on the principle of explosion "is likely to mean a distorted, the term" implosion. "Indeed, the substance does not fly apart, as in explosion (emplozii), and, conversely, tends to shrink to one point (to the base of the vortex).

Invention, as is known, does not arise from nothing. Location Schauberger drew their ideas? And that's where ... At that time, already in full swing used military gas turbine engines. Such, for example, was set in German fighter "Messerschmitt-262." In 1938 the company produced the BMW gas turbine engine with an axial compressor, and the British have done similar, but with centrifugal. If we compare the centrifugal compressor 31 and J-rotor "engines" Shaurbergera, you will find many similarities.
Inquisitive Austrian, bringing together all the technical innovations, decides to combine the compressor impeller and turbine wheel in ... a single node, the so-called "wheel with radial turbulizers." Why would someone ask these same swirlers? Excellent mechanic Shaurberg was well acquainted with the property of rotating top, it is also called "Coriolis acceleration". It is to get useful work should have a positive wheel torque. Of course, you can install the nozzles at the ends of the wheel, deflecting the flow of 90 degrees on a tangent. But such has already been used in gas turbines, for example, in ships.
It was then and there swirlers-famous "corkscrew" Schauberger. Swirl provides volchkopodobnuyu jet, which, breaking with its end is deflected by 90 degrees down, thanks to the guide blade. At the same time, think about the Coriolis acceleration, the jet or vortex is deflected by 90 degrees while in the plane of rotation of the wheel and moves along the tangent to its circumference. The result is ... virtual turbine blade (picture: note the arrow indicating the direction of rotation of the wheel and twist corkscrews).
In order to increase the speed of the escaping vortex and get a positive reaction from him at the wheel, it is necessary vprysknut alcohol and set fire to spirtovozdushnuyu mixture. Why is alcohol? The explanation is simple: there is war, petrol needed edge, moreover, that the Germans were prepared to synthetic method of coal. Alcohol, as we know, means cheap ...

The model you see in the picture, at the time, unfortunately, hit by bullets. After the war, Schauberger worked on the concept of an energy source, based on the creation of a water vortex and closed loop "heat-mini-tornado-mechanical energy is the heat." It also continued to develop the theory of turbines and power packs vortex. In 1952 he and Professor Franz ashes in Shtuttgardskom Technical College held a series of experiments on study the behavior of water suspensions of insoluble substances in the helical flow of water.
These experiments were aimed at the establishment of treatment facilities based on the phenomenon of squeezing of the particles from the water volume in the center of the spiral, the zone of lower pressure.
In 1958 Schauberger was invited to the USA, where he was invited to work on recreating the "drive Belontse" and vortex thruster, because miraculously survived his prototypes of the war. But he refused, explaining that before the signing of agreements on disarmament did not publish his discovery, and that belongs to the future date.
Some sources indicate that Schauberger, most likely, just did not have the necessary information to build the new engine. And his servile assistant were killed in Mauthausen, about which he wrote in a letter to a friend, dated August 1958, the same year.
We also know that the brilliant Austrian engineer, even for a time was placed in a psychiatric clinic, but through the intervention of friends, almost immediately released. Fortunately, the reason it was not damaged.
Soon Viktor Schauberger returned home, and within five days after his arrival, October 25, 1958, died of a heart attack.

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