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Generator Floyd Sweet.

Gravitational effects due to the work sverhedinichnyh devices (systems whose effectiveness is greater than one) observed by various inventors, regardless of their design. In 1990, American Floyd Sweet demonstrated his invention, called the "vacuum triode amplifier." special Trained barrievye magnets used in the "trigger-mode". The bistable state of the substance of the magnet provided the opportunity to move from one field to another direction, when applied to the control winding of a weak signal from external oscillator. Moreover, if the material was prepared by repeatedly switching at a frequency of 60 Hz, it control signal should have the same frequency. The principle of control by the powerful flow of a weak signal was used in transistors, so the device became known as Vacuum Triode Amplifier VTA. Prototypes Floyd, built it in 1990-1995 years., generated power to 50 kW.
The author pointed out the invention, a strong anti-gravity effect, when once fixed the weight loss system operating mode, up to 90% of its normal. Working Paper - magnets - strongly cooled in the process of generating capacity. There is speculation that the energy source is energy intensive incoherent radiation, which "present" in the entire universe. Note: it is incoherent radiation.

As a result of addition of multiple incoherent signals not created a specific process of power, because he "process" involves ordering - an information component. Technically, the use of the free energy of the space to do work and create power in the load can be formulated as the transformation of incoherent radiation and therefore hidden, existing at any point in space, coherent.
Part of the output devices Floyd closed in a feedback loop to initiate the process by which the output coil, there is considerable power. Tom Bearden, a member of the Association of prominent American scientists, ADAS, studying the pattern of vacuum triode amplifier, claimed that he demonstrates how the negative energy, in the sense that the work associated with the use of negative time.In this negative time, according to Bearden, gravity is a repulsive force. Sweet experiments demonstrate that the VTU (vacuum triode amplifier) loses weight in proportion to the power extracted. Floyd tried to document the range of variation of weights. But once reached the point of this change, in which he heard the sharp sound of a strong, as if he was in the center of a giant vortex of air, after which the experiment was terminated. It should be noted that the permanent magnets and coils of VTU significantly cooled during operation, showing the temperature difference of 20 degrees compared to the ambient temperature.
The issue of energy use of the space really is nothing like the question of energy of the gravitational field of the planet.

On the other hand, the potential field is characterized by speed of travel time. The work of the Russian scientist Nikolai A. Kozyrev on the theory and experiments "causal mechanics" demonstrated ability "to use the flow of time to do the work." It Kozyrev coined the term "density of time" as well as experimentally demonstrated how a change in its density, which depends on the intensity of occurrence of irreversible (entropy) processes. A powerful "generator" of such processes, in particular, the biosphere of the planet, creating a daily and seasonal fluctuations chronal density. Device Floyd worked at any time, but the magnitude of output change. Thus, the concept of active properties of time, put forward by N. Kozyrev, gets one more experimental confirmation. Technical description of the invention.
One of the schemes WTU includes two sets of magnets (size - 4h6h1-inch), located on two sides of the body, so that between the created such an attraction. Weekends and control coils are located between them. Axis parallel to the power output coils field lines and the axes of Governors tilted 90 degrees to the lines. The secret of the system is in a process that "bring the magnets to the appropriate condition." Permanent ceramic magnet is placed in a special coil through which current is passed from a pulsed source. Usually use a capacitor 450 microfarads at 6500 volts. Then change the polarity of the pulse, and again give a pulse of current through the coil. The process is repeated many times before as long as the structure of the magnet is not number of microcracks formed from multiple domain reorientation. In this "semimagnetic" domains become.
In fact, this structure does not shift the magnetic domains in the usual sense of the word, and reorient the substance of the magnet, larger, separated by microcracks, ie the acoustic domain. It should be noted that the best results "conditioning" of the magnetic material allows the transmission of alternating current arc discharge directly through the ceramic. Coil for "conditioning" is not required. The frequency of the AC shall meet at the same frequency, which will be fed a control signal.
Thus, Sweet created bistable solid state of matter, which is manifested in the acoustic resonance controlling the oscillation frequency of a weak magnetic field. Specialists in magnetic materials can include special types of ferrites, which are initially bistable state of the structure and are able to respond to an external control action in a resonant mode.
Floyd Sweet died of a heart attack July 5, 1995 at the age of 83 years. It is known that the widow gave the archives researcher One well-known car manufacturer.
History of Floyd's experiments and related misadventures covered the mysterious darkness. God has deigned to give the inventor rather information that he built a machine that produces energy similar to electricity. And at the same time, God did not want to provide a range of solutions zagvozdok, pop in the process of translating ideas into a real device...

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