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Investments in projects

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The lamp in the package for solar battery.

The Americans have developed an all-weather light source designed for people in poor countries, without access to electricity networks, as well as for people affected by natural disasters. But first, the novelty offered regular customers.
The lamp consists of LuminAID flexible thin-film solar cell, a pair of flat battery the size of a coin and several bright LEDs. All of them are hermetically sealed in translucent resin package, which also plays the role of the lens.
This ingenious new product - the fruit of creative graduates of the School of Architecture at Columbia University Anna and Andrea Stork Sreshta. Inventors emphasize the main advantage over other LuminAID emergency light sources: a thin package easily formed, and in expanded form takes up very little space.

To LuminAID "involved", it must first hold on the daylight. Even this lamp, a pillow should be inflated as inflated, say, a children's swimming circle. Then can only press the button tight. And - long live the light ...
Full charge in the bright sun light takes 4 to 6 hours, after which the device is ready to give 35 lumens for 4 hours (conventional mode of "reading"), or 20 lumens for 6 hours (mode "emergency light, night light"). batteries calculated for 800 charge cycles.
In April 2011 the project LuminAID won first place in the contest of innovations Columbia Venture Competition. Prize $ 15,000 help in further development of design and speedy dissemination of new items to the needy.
The fact that the floating firefox, obviously, is useful not only poor but also the most common travelers, hunters, tourists. Compact, lightweight, flexible and waterproof, LuminAID in campaigns can be much more convenient than flashlights and nightlights traditional design.

According to Inhabitat, the authors of the recently launched all-weather fixture on the Net 40-day campaign, "Give light, get a light." Its essence is as follows: ordering a LuminAID for yourself ($ 25), a man thus gives the same lamp nameless poor person from a developing country.
For $ 50 you can get in addition a t-shirt with the logo of the project or purchase one of the luminaries of the limited edition. The body of this "lyumineyda" (or rather, an inflatable bag) will be decorated with graphics design.
All proceeds Anna and Andrea are going to send to the implementation of a number of community projects to disseminate their lighting in remote villages of India, Indian schools, including representatives of local small businesses.

As soon as the fund-raising campaign will be completed, LuminAID Lab to place an order for a party of like a night-light for industrial partner.

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