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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ Hiriko Citycar EV.

Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ Hiriko Citycar EV - collapsible car.

Hiriko Citycar EV electric car can be compared with a folding baby stroller, which is in operation has some size and storage - more! The machine can essentially "backed up" in the parking lot, becoming smaller in length, but longer in height.
The word «hiriko» is translated from the Basque language (firm Hiriko Driving Mobility is in the city of Vitoria-Gasteys, the capital Basque Country), as "urban." Thus, the title is the main meaning of a concept car. Hiriko Citycar EV - the machine only to get around the city. The maximum duration of the move on a single charge Battery - 120 miles, top speed - 110 kilometers per hour.
As planned by the creators, new cars can be leased from an hour or more, that is, as well as bicycles in Paris and Copenhagen. People no longer need to buy a car because the cheap rents will take it at any time and at any time. Overall, the cost of "clamshell" will be 12 500 euros.
The company HDM, representing the European Commission Electric Hiriko Citycar EV, hoping that officials will support the new tool movement in the Old World. Series production is planned for the 2013th year.

+ Car Toyota Fun-Vii - smartphone on wheels.

No one is surprised by the fact that we can at any time to change the cover of your mobile phone or as a screensaver on its screen. In Toyota's confident that people will be similar steps soon to make and with their cars. The first such machine was demonstrated at the beginning of December 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Toyota Fun-Vii is nothing like an interactive car. Its owner, depending on the time and desire, can change color machine at least every day or hour.
The outer surface of the Fun-Vii is the display, which is broadcast all that your heart desires. For example, just color, abstract or real image, and video. Changing the make-up, if you like, make-up, literally, in the hands of driver!
The screen on the outer surface of the car - the touch. This means that it can display a menu of mobile phone use the functions of the latter, combining the functions of the machine itself.
No wonder developers call their child a smartphone on wheels, for the relationship between the car and the phone is obvious: for example, internal controls and navigation are made in the image of gamers.

+ CityCar - folding electric.

It's no secret that with increasing number of vehicles on the roads, the problem of environmental pollution and space come to the fore. It is on these issues targeted development of new laboratory engineers Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. New - elektoromobil CityCar - has a zero level of pollution, in addition, is able to emerge in order to occupy as little space in the parking lot.
In addition to the electric motor and a unique structural actuator on the body, the car boasts an intelligent electronic control unit that controls all the systems. For example, it displays the notification of the need emergency battery. The current prototype is a reduced model, which has absolutely all the basic functions the original. Mass production of electric CityCar starts in 2013.

+ CarGo - truck-transformer.

Traffic jams in big cities - and the usual bleak picture, regardless of time of day. Designer Adam Schacter proposed an original way to eliminate congestion, prodemonstrirova concept CarGo. Externally - a single small truck that runs on electricity. But it is remarkable not only that, but also by the fact that he is able to mutate into Depending on the ... cargo. I "kid" has three positions: vertical, horizontal and oblique luggage compartment.
+ GM EN-V - electric power.

In one of the shows in Las Vegas GM and SAIC have demonstrated a prototype two-seater, two-wheeled electric car network. EN-V - is an abbreviation of Electric Networked-Vehicle (electric power). It got its name because it can communicate with these vehicles, as well as special power systems. The creators believe that with the help of special devices, communicating with the city's infrastructure, such a machine on the forces operate autonomously in planning for their host the best route.
The predecessor of GM EN-V is a concept PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility). Introduced back in 2009 year, he had a very significant drawback: it lacked body, which provides at least minimal safety. The new model is fully staffed, however, now it weighs ... nearly 500 pounds, which, of course the same effect on the rate (not exceeding 40 km / h) and a small stock of progress (of 40-50 kilometers).
Identical to the car platform and is based on the work of Segway, which means that the system of gyroscopes keeps balance on two wheels. EN-V is equipped with two electric motors with total capacity of 18 kW, each of which leads to the movement of one of the wheels.

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