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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ Ryno.

Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
Project - 4 The information enclosed.
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+ Ryno - single-wheel electric monocycle.

Good maneuverability, compact dimensions - the main advantages of the new monocycle. He may like the people who are planning to buy a Segway, but looking for more convenient and cheaper option. Master control unit can be a matter of minutes. Motorcycle wheel helps the rider to shift the car to the side. There is a button on the steering wheel and gas brake lever, which uses regenerative braking motor. Another advantage of Ryno - the presence of a color indicator monitoring system. When fully charged the driver sees the green, yellow warning states that left only 25%, white ushers for the remaining 5% charge. However, the monocycle do not hurry to start mass production.
In November 2011 the office Ryno Motors announced the release of limited edition, pre-production on the new conveyor. It was about 50 copies of the manual assembly of single-wheel self-balancing scooter. Each of the monocycle of pre-Party of Americans was estimated at 25,000 dollars. However, now the cost of Ryno for U.S. residents is kept in position - $ 3500. In any case, while there is a bargain, this monocycle can definitely say that it is indispensable for the security staff businesses, the police, that is, those who by occupation is forced to bypass its territory again and again, several times Day. And yet - an electric scooter is cheap to maintain and easy to maneuver between people and buildings. Currently, Scooter Segway is already listed in the list of vehicles involved municipal services in several countries.

+ Hubless Monster - motorcycle with wheel axle-free.

The idea of a wheel without spokes and axles visited the head of the talented Franco Sbarro in 1960. For many years he tried to use the wheel axle-free in the design of motorcycles, some attempts have been quite successful. A talented designer, he founded in 1992 in Switzerland, own design school, and has been for 20 years at the Geneva Motor Show exhibits latest concept cars.
The idea occurred to many unusual wheels to their liking. For example, in France by Dominique Mottasa conducted similar work, since the 90s. Great commercial success at that time, engineers have not reached. But it managed to get Mottasu then the patent for the design of the wheel axle-free.
Another attempt, this time more successful, was made in motoatele Amen Design and Engineering. Hubless Monster - One of the first axle-free operating motorcycles with wheels. Theoretically, they have distinct advantages over standard counterparts - less weight, the removal of some of the technical limitations and spectacular view. But it is more expensive to manufacture, moreover, they are difficult to adapt to conventional motorcycles. Problems arise with protection against bending, durability and installation brakes.

+ YikeBike - elektrobayk original, almost perfect and affordable.

For the first time publicly demonstrated at the exhibition YikeBike Eurobike in Germany. Father is the brainchild of Ryan Grant. rather original decision of the designers was the new position of the rider. According to Grant, it is more traditional in terms of stability. In addition, a vertical position is extremely comfortable and safe in the sense that the rider, having decent review, very well seen.
There are a number of advantages over other similar means. In particular, compactness - when folded YikeBike can be placed in a bag of medium size, mobility - for packaging the scooter requires no more than 20 seconds, easy to construction - the total weight of just over 10 kg, a good speed - 25 km / h (maximum), which is for urban streets is enough; equipped with an electric motor - originally a single charge lasts for 10 kilometers.
The main drawbacks of the model are - the way to the short duration of a single battery charge and the cost - 3795 dollars.
The company recently released a new producer battery pack - Range Expanders charge, but also introduced another YikeBike Fusion version at a price of 1995 dollars. Externally and stuffing - it's practically the same apparatus. But, As the name implies, some parts are replaced. For example, instead of parts of the lung, but expensive carbon fiber there were similar elements of aluminum alloy and composites. And if YikeBike Carbon weighs 10.8 pounds, the Fusion pulls on all 14.
+ Yamaha EC-f - elektromototsikl with the original design.

Yamaha introduces a new two-wheeled electric EC-f. Performed in-the-art design, it is equipped with a light aluminum frame, Lithium-ion battery, electric motor of 0.6 kWh. The charger is built into the frame and can be plugged into any standard outlet. Production company is positioning EC-f as an excellent option for moving around the city and beyond.

+ Uno - an amazing bike.

More recently, this development was positioned only as a futuristic concept.
And today - the bike is equipped with a gyroscope with two wheels arranged not as a conventional bike, and on one axis. Management is the slope of the apparatus body (a principle well known in the scooter Segway). Works on 36 - voltaic NiMH batteries.

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