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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ Shoes spnKiX.

Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ Shoes spnKiX with an electric motor to the rollers.

The development of self-propelled boots took more than 5 years. During this time it was created more than 30 different prototypes. now unusual shoes ready for series production to flood store shelves.
His brainchild of an American named Peter Tredvey spnKiX. In fact, it's - worn over regular shoes with roller skates built-in electric motors and batteries, as well as a wireless remote control.
The idea is certainly not new, but "the scooters in the shoes," perhaps never before been so close to mass production.
The maximum speed of the new "spinkiksov" - 10 km / h Battery charge is enough to drive 3-4 km (depending on the bias). Lithium batteries are charged for 2-3 hours, but they are removable, they can be changed to "fresh." Rider weight should not be exceed 80 kg.
Estimated price - from 375 to 950 dollars per pair.

+ Fiik Skateboard - elektroskeytbord.

The idea of a skateboard equipped with a motor more than once occurred to inventors and enthusiasts from different countries, but to put the idea of commercialization of the developers have decided from Australia. These guys came to the matter very seriously. they equipped not only electric skateboards, but also the braking system ABS, as well as wireless remote controls. The company produces seven car models: Shorty, Division, Big Daddy, Pipe Master, Rager, Street Surfer, as well as the Stinger.
Of all the impressive are two versions, equipped with rails for movement on the road, - Big Daddy and the Street Surfer. These models, in addition to power the wheels, can boast an engine capacity of 800 watts, which allows them to accelerate to 37 km / h, as well as a solid suspension, can withstand weight up to 135 kg. Lithium-iron-phosphate battery provides a power reserve of 45 km and charged in 3-6 hours.
On the characteristics of other skateboard read below.
The Rager. Power - 600 watts. Maximum speed - 29 km / h Cruising on a single charge - 19 miles. Makismalnaya load - 100 kg.
Street Surfer. Power - 800 watts. Maximum speed - 37 km / h Cruising on a single charge - 45 miles. Makismalnaya load - 135 kg.
The Shorty. Power - 600 watts. Maximum speed - 33 km / h Cruising on a single charge - 22 miles. Makismalnaya load - 120 kg.

+ Robo-Skateboard - robotic skate.

No matter how attractive scooter Segway, but the size of its still pretty great. Thus, designers have proposed a new, more interesting solutions. So, the developers of the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, presented a robotic skateboard based on the same technology as the use of gyros, like the well-known scooter.
At the four corners of the skateboard are load cells, are located on the sides of engines and wheels, and in the middle - a computer control unit. Rider can easily operate the device, transferring weight from one foot to another, changing the center of gravity. Man, increasing the pressure on the front of the board, the device disperses, leaving the weight on the rear, respectively, inhibits the scooter.
Currently, a prototype robot skateboard weighs 15 kg and has the following dimensions: width 30 cm, length 60 cm and a height of 25cm. The developers claim that the Robo-Skateboard can accelerate to speeds of 10 miles per hour, and is designed for people weighing up to 80 kg. A full battery charge lasts for an hour of continuous movement.
Before proceeding to mass production, the developers plan to reduce weight and lower cost of products up to 1000 dollars. Market entry is scheduled in 2013.
+ Solowheel - portable unitsikl.

At the International Toy Fair in New York, the company introduced Inventist unusual vehicle called "Solowheel". Simple unitsikl designed for riding in a standing position.
Single-wheel elektroskuter is a wheel with a handle and folding the platforms for the feet. Weight machines - only 9 lbs. This is despite the fact that in the body contains a 1000-watt battery, which lasts for two hours' drive from a single charge. Solowheel management principles borrowed from the "big brother" Segway: to get up to speed, you need to lean forward and on the contrary, to slow down, back. Maximum speed is 19 km / h
Shane Chen, president of Inventist, noted that the novice lacks only 15 minutes to adapt to the scooter. Cost Solowheel - $ 1,500.

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