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Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ Reactive people in the same ranks with fighters.

Yves Rossy The Swiss, famous for its unique jet flight on the wing, felt himself in his new capacity. A former military the pilot was unable to resist the temptation, and demonstrated the possibility of its vehicle, flying in one formation to combat machines.
Technical characteristics of jet-backpack is a costume.
In short wings are 4 jet engine Jet-Cat P200 volume from 15 to 30 liters, which operate on a mixture of kerosene and 5% turbine lubricating oil. Weight - about 55 pounds, wingspan - 2 meters, the average velocity of - 200 miles per hour, climb - 330 meters per minute, time of flight - from 6 to 12 minutes.
For the first time single crystals has been tested inventor of June 24, 2004. Rossy jumped from a plane at an altitude of 4 km above the Swiss hamlet Yverdon. At first he simply planned, down to 2.5 kilometers. Then started the engines. At the height of 1.6 kilometers moved in a steady horizontal flight, speeding up to 185 kilometers per hour. Ive kept this speed for four minutes.
Wide reputation as a retired pilot bought in 2008. On the wings he invented, he crossed the English Channel, and later carried out an air promenade on the American Grand Canyon.

+ Manned flight to the electric multikoptere.

German engineers have tested the world's first manned 16-helical electric aircraft. earlier development of e-volo were limited to unmanned flying bots. And the first time in the pilot's seat was one of the authors project - a physicist Thomas Senkel. As the wheel, he used a remote control.
Multikopter lasted fifteen minutes in the air, then landed safely. In the future, such a vehicle tool can be used for personal travel, aerial photography, and just for fun. value one-hour "walk" in recalculation on consumption of electricity is only ... $ 8.

+ Hoverbike - aeromototsikl for flying in the sky.

The idea of the individual ultralight aircraft on the minds of many inventors. One of them, the Australian craftsman Chris Malloy, decided to offer its own apparatus, called Hoverbike. In fact, it's a cross between motorcycle and a helicopter. The pilot is located on the seat between the two screws, which drives the engine of the BMW motorcycle volume 1170 cm3.
Today the concept is still being tested. Nevertheless, the creator believes that soon the original tool movement will go into mass production.
Hoverbike engine power enough to lift into the air cargo up to 165 pounds, including the weight of the pilot and fuel. The maximum speed that can develop the device, is 280 km / h, cruising speed - 148 km / h just at the last under his power to cover a distance of 150 km.
Approximate cost - 40 thousand dollars.
+ Martin Jetpack - a personal ultralight aircraft.

Before you - personal ultralight aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. Developer - New Zealand a private company Martin Aircraft. Propellers - Propellers small-diameter annular channels, rotated two-stroke internal combustion engine. Was first presented in 2008 at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the event held Experimental Aviation Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Backpack is designed for 30-minute flight and runs on petrol two-liter engine power of 200 hp V4 The screws are made of composite material, which consists of Kevlar and carbon. It is noteworthy that all the light weight design - about 240 kg - allows you to fly without a pilot's license and a mandatory special training. The maximum speed is 100 km / h, but the engine was built in push-pull circuit, a very "greedy" - complete lack of filling of 50 miles of the flight.
Testing of this unit are in full swing.
In one of those backpack at a rate of 4 m / s up to a height of 1,500 meters, and then began to decline, after which, according to the plan tests, at an altitude of 900 m was brought into effect a system crash landing. Remote control apparatus, James Bowker, while flying in the cabin next to the helicopter.

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