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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ DICE īņ Mercedes-Benz.

Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ Intelligent control system of the DICE Mercedes-Benz.

The exhibition CES 2012 was another triumph of the Futurists. She was represented by technologies that will shape our life in the future.
Ten years ago the phrase "trip computer" with respect to the machines seemed to riding progress. Now it standard, which is repelled from the automakers in their further development. An example of such searches may be control of the vehicle DICE, designed on request Mercedes-Benz.
Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience is an interactive panel, which will replace the already familiar. With function of gesture control, innovation, through a system of non-contact sensors can track the movement of the hands of the driver.
The main functions assigned to this panel are as follows: get the traffic and technical information as well as information about interesting places along the route. Through it (ie panel) can communicate with friends, listen to music and navigation control. Internet access is provided through the interface panel.
In addition, DICE will be able to establish communication with a mobile phone, laptop and tablet driver, as well as with neighboring vehicles in order to coordinate joint actions and to prevent accidents.
Moreover, the system itself - Self-learning. In its program laid down by adjusting the function of human gestures, its needs and habits.

+ The concept of driving on the Mitsubish. The system EMIRAI.

Its essence was to turn the dashboard into a single screen rear projection, which will be broadcast All information about the car, the driver needed. People will be able to set those parameters that are interested in it at the moment. Side of the screen is placed another display, smaller size, but the touch screen. Its purpose - to enter the information management car, as well as use as a mobile phone menu. During movement on this screen will appear buttons you need "here and now."
Steering wheel is not made in EMIRAI round and curved. It also is touch screen and buttons for eighteen control of the machine and check its condition.
A special system built into EMIRAI, monitors the physical condition of man. She "will not allow" him to drive if he was drunk or had serious health problems. Moreover, the functions of the system - keeping track of all changes in body during the ride, information about any of the critical processes in order to avoid dangerous situations.
EMIRAI also provides for the transmission of driving to another person if the driver wants it, for example, tired or felt unwell.

+ AutoNOMOS - driving force of thought.

AutoNOMOS Laboratory of the Free University of Berlin has developed a technology that allows the driver to control his car hands-free and only by thought.
This technology applies to the category of highly anticipated. Methods aimed at to teach paralyzed people operate a computer by thought, and after - a dialogue with the outside world and even move their own paralyzed limbs, developed with the nineties of the last century.
The scheme is simple. The system of sensors packed into the driver's helmet on his head, says his EEG, and when he makes a mental Order - "Right," "left," "accelerate," "slow down" or "slow down" - decrypts and strictly adhered to. first experienced such a vehicle in the former Tempelhof airfield.
A series of tests was successful. The driver drove the car quite well through his helmet, though his orders were carried out with a slight delay while the computer is thinking about "heard." The second series of tests in which the car was moving at autopilot, and the driver just pointed at what crossroads turn, was nearly flawless.
+ Terrafugia Transition - the flying car.

Engineers Terrafugia, reporting the world's first flying car, is now working to improve its design. based in previous trials, the new model is modified as follows: improved form of the wings, which, moreover, were fully foldable, appeared in the bow area udarogasheniya; cabin equipped with touch screen control panel and pillows security. The car-plane is equipped with a parachute. In general, the team sought to prove that its development will be one of the safest in the world.
Terrafugia Transition Model has been certified for travel on public roads, and for flights as a "light sport aircraft." Full cost of the machine in the U.S. is approximately 194 thousand dollars.
On the ground, front-wheel Terrafugia Transition movement begins with a regular gasoline engine, while in the air uses a propeller engine Rotax 912S power of 100 horsepower. Cruising in the air - 724 km, the maximum speed - 185 kilometers per hour. Transition on the ground when fully fueled tank can travel about 105 kilometers.

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