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+ Uni-Cub īņ Honda.

Investments in projects
+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ Robot Uni-Cub scooter from Honda.

In the list of concepts, the Japanese company announced at the Tokyo Motor Show, this device does not appear, and official reports on his account did not make Honda. Judge the novelty can only corporate videos and reviews of journalists, unexpectedly experienced scooter.
A robot named Uni-Cub - an evolution of the monocycle U3-X, shown two years ago. Unlike its predecessor the new two-wheel device: the second has added stability and maneuverability, it can rotate on the spot at 360 degrees.
From now on, the rider controls the machine is not only the inclinations of his body, but with a joystick located on the right "arm".
High speed "unikuba" - 10 km / h Battery lasts for one hour. Maximum load - 100 kg.
Honda Robotics said its Uni-Cub useful in commercial and office centers, as well as exhibition halls, but on the commercialization of new products it does not go.

+ SBU V2.0 - commercial version of single-wheel electric bikes.

As in his time, "the iron horse replaced the peasant horse," and now comes unitsikl "on the heels of" their two-wheeled sibling. Models from the category of concepts and prototypes move to the area of commercial use.
Experts from the American company Focus Designs unveiled a new version of the electric unicycle SBU V2.0, more precisely, an improved copy of the once famous SBU V1.0. In the improved model has changed the basic parameters, Specifically, increased engine power from 350 W to 1 kW, increased battery capacity, and even changed the design.
Management carried out according to standard procedure - at the expense of balancing the pilot. The slope of the forward / back controls the speed, Left / Right - rotates. This is followed by a bicycle mounted gyroscopes and accelerometers. To save the Battery technology is used regeneration of braking energy.

+ Lunartic Douglas - a bicycle with a rear wheel and axle-free belt drive.

The young designer, Luke Douglas, from the category of those who continue to invent the wheel. His creation Lunartic Douglas - a scooter rear axle-free wheel and a belt drive. From an aesthetic point of view, this design clearly outperforms its fellow with spokes. In addition, belt drives are easier to maintain, quieter operation and requires no lubrication. young enthusiast believes that these benefits is sufficient in order to launch new product into production.
+ Noah - private vehicle.

Andrei Franca s developed a high performance vehicle, like a unicycle. A closer rasmotreniya can see two tires, which are installed in tandem. The main idea of design Noah - used to control the movement of the driver, that is, the slopes front to back, say, or from side to side, which determines, in fact, the degree of acceleration, braking and cornering. This eliminates the need for pedals or buttons. Tires act as stabilizers when turning, moving up and down relative to each other, giving people more control over the movement.

+ U3-X - unitsikl by Honda Motor.

It is unknown whether the mobilized as a serious technology Slovakian designer Alexander Polutnik, but comparisons with its EniCycle fellow Japanese scooter can not be avoided. Something U3-X is inferior to "the Europeans: first charge allows only one hours of work, while the second - to 3. The height of U3-X is 650 mm, length - 315 mm, width - 160 mm. It weighs about 10 kg. The speed scooter is small, about 5-6 km / h The movement provides a lithium-ion batteries.

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