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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ A flying boat.

Investments in projects

+ Electric Vehicles of the future.
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+ A flying boat.

Rudy Heeman, an inventor from New Zealand, put up for online auction Trademade result of a decade of hard work - a motorboat on an air cushion, which can fly. The invention, called WIG (wing in ground effective vehicle), and really is a conventional motorboat moving at a speed of 70 km / h. However, one has only to be dispersed and there - she had already soars above the water surface, so far, but only up to 3 meters.
The design of the device, at first glance, is simple: the boat is equipped with air-cushioned removable wings, 1.8-liter motor and the steering of the scooter. On a single tank of fuel WIG can fly through the air more than 225 km.
Heeman thoroughly tested your machine, it flew 75 hours. It is noteworthy that the special "mate" resolution this is not needed, because a hybrid classified ... as a floating vessel. Now the inventor is looking for a new owner for WIG, planning to sell it for 14,400 U.S. dollars.

+ The largest solar-powered boat.

The company PlanetSolar introduced the world's largest catamaran that runs on solar energy. The model used 38 thousands of solar panels manufactured by SunPower. The boat is designed Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel in the north Germany has a size of 31h15 m and weighs 60 tons Area of solar panels covering its roof, up to 500 square meters. m
The boat, which was conceived engineers should become the fastest water transport, using solar energy, one of those that crossed the Atlantic Ocean. In world tour, during stops in the ports of large cities, the ship will on display.
The maximum speed that can develop PlanetSolar, is 27 km / h It is sufficient space to accommodate 50 passengers.

+ Pedal on solar energy.

French designer Jonathan Mahieddine proposed an original model of a catamaran boat for a holiday with family or friends Sea. Solar and Human Powered Concept Boat is equipped with a 4-seater bar, located under an umbrella with solar panels. their energy and feeds the electric motor boats. However, this is not the only source of motion. In the case of a breakdown or transport of Rain "pass" on a conventional bicycle pedal water.
The body is made of a fiberglass boat. And on the pedal it does not have even in cloudy weather, as the battery Motor accumulate charge for a 6-hour voyage. SHPCB is now available for 10,500 dollars!
+ Motor boats, robots to patrol the bays.

The U.S. Navy began testing robotic boats, designed to patrol the waters of the bays. Modeling involved experts from the British company Qinetiq.
Transport device called Blackfish have a length of about 3 m can be managed remotely by the operator from the shore with distance of 1 km. The model is also able to follow their own pre-programmed route by GPS. Maximum boat speed is 65 km / h. The ship has sonar, radar and video camera.

+ Planetary Robot is ready for testing in the deep hole.
To work independently, that is to dive into the depths of the lake Zakaton that in central Mexico, is ready to "Deep phreatic thermal explorer sources. "
The lake itself is a very interesting type of water: it is a natural wells, holes, which are deep gaps filled with water and the resulting leaching of rocks.
Depth Zakatona - more than 300 meters. The task of a robot - to demonstrate their ability to navigate underwater, autonomous to study the depth of the well.

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