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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ EMIEW 2 - office robot.

Investments in projects

+ Robotics.
Project - 3 The information enclosed.
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+ EMIEW 2 - office robot from Hitachi.

Office Assistant EMIEW 2 has expanded its capabilities: using the Internet, it can recognize items that were not included in database. This happens as follows. When the car show a material element, it takes a picture with a camera and performs a quick search online, "comparing" similar images. With the new network cameras, located throughout the room, EMIEW 2 is able to detect specific objects and send people to them. Built-in speech recognition simplifies the problem: the man calls the object, then the robot will automatically begin to search.
And one more advantage to the old model EMIEW 2010: She moves more smoothly, especially when cornering.
Currently, the rate of movement in space is 6 km / h Note that a good indicator, given the modest dimensions of human-machine.

+ Geminoid-F - a girl robot with human facial expressions.
The task of an android - as realistically as possible to transfer the complexity of human facial expressions.

+ PRIMER-V2 robot learned to ride a bike.

There is a stereotype that humanoid robots are called mechanisms with a head, two arms and two legs. In fact, this is not true. A robot may consist of only one limb, so that such machines are widely used in automated production. And to the class of robots include electronic devices capable of performing certain actions on the Internet. Among the latest developments of Japanese (the company Dr. Geuro) is particularly notable for a robot that knows how to ride a bike.
PRIMER-V2 is really like a person except that which is the one with the bike, on the that sits. We do not have a bicycle seat, the robot is fixed directly to the frame, and he rests his feet in the pedals, because their arms are mounted directly at the feet of an electronic machine.
PRIMER-V2 under the force to accelerate to a speed of 10 km / h, it is quite keeps a balance with the centrifugal force of the front wheels and a gyroscope that helps steer the robot, moving in a straight line. As a result, a toy car is held Cycling is as natural as a human being. The first tests have demonstrated that the design operates efficiently, which means that as soon as Dr. Geuro will establish serial production of the toy "bike." Incidentally, an amusing feature of the machine is that when braking PRIMER-V2 simply presses the legs to the ground.

+ Wu Kong - robots, playing table tennis.

In China Zhejiang University researchers have created two robots capable of playing with each other in a ping-pong. The first working versions of the prototypes have been tested and shown to journalists.
Androids twin Wu Kong is coping very well with the role players. And although the match is far from spectacular, but here is to impose compete with each other guys quite able. Each robot has a height of 1.6 meters and weighs 55 kg.
Control of the ball by using cameras that are located in the "eyes". Refresh Rate - 120 frames per second. Images are transferred to the processor, which calculates the position of the ball, speed, angle, and the landing position way to go.
The mechanical arm with a racket trying to make sure to repel attack an opponent. At this point the error is 2.5 see robots are not yet ready to perform such advanced techniques as "pruning", "twisting the ball," etc., but now konkurenitsiyu can make a beginning player.
Robot e-NUVO - teacher of exact sciences.
According to the authors of the project, e-NUVO is designed primarily for educational purposes. It is assumed that the robot can to some of the lessons in mathematics and physics, showing its appearance not only the achievements of science and technology, but also instilling childhood interest in engineering and robotics.
+ HRP-4 - a prototype of a robot-laborer.

A series of robot HRP, developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science (AIST), and by Kawada Industries, replenished with a new model - HRP-4. The functions of the upgraded machine is nothing like ... performance of heavy work. Currently, the prototype perfectly oriented in space, perfect balance, balancing on one leg, recognize faces and objects.
Its height - 151 cm, weight - 39 kg with built-in battery. The robot has 34 degrees of freedom of movement, including full articulation of the hands with a force of compression of the hand 0.5 kg. Operated by the Linux operating system and special software from AIST (OpenRTM-aist). Connect via Wi-Fi or LAN 10/100base-TX.
Estimated price of a robot-laborer - 305 thousand dollars, add here 23,000 for software necessary for learning, rather, increase the "qualifications" android.

Robot HRP-4C - model on the catwalk.

New - a very pretty woman 19-29 years old, weighs 43 kg with height 158 cm External data are of great importance, because in the future, the robot will appear in the image of the model on the catwalk, in particular, on the catwalk in Tokyo.

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