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Future investments and investments in projects.

+ You or your partner, colleague, friend, acquaintance, relative, neighbor, companion, etc.
+ Can significantly expand the scope of its business ... The location of the houses are looking at this site + cottage
+ Investing in real estate (houses and land - legal documents are clean, the owner), your financial means, respectively, begin to "work" in the projects - 1; 2; 3; 4. The benefits of cooperation lies in the fact that investors are involved in all developments and shall be entitled to the first ... acquisition of new technology with all the attendant: the launch of mass production, a profit and so on.
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Investments in projects
Flying fuel-free device.

Project - 1 -

+ Platform: VS Grebennikov
+ The free energy. Nikola Tesla.
+ Magnetism. Searl Effect.
+ Generator. Edward Lidskalninsh.
+ Effect Bifelda-Brown.
+ Hutchison Effect.
+ Acoustic levitation.
+ Wiman ancient India.
Investments in projects

The motor generator of energy.

Project - 2 -

+ Sverhedinichny Clem engine.
+ Motor Victor Schauberger.
+ Nikola Tesla transformer.
+ Donald Lee Smith. resonance
+ The vortex tube, Ranque Hilsch.
+ Generator Floyd Sweet.
+ Other authors of the works.
Investments in projects


Project - 3 -

+ Solar-powered lamp.
+ Electronic insect-bird.
+ Deep-sea robots.
+ Humanoid robots working.
+ Nasilschiki goods - robots.
+ Another trend in robotics.
Investments in projects

Electric Vehicles of the future.

Project - 4 -

+ Electric car transformers.
+ Electric motorcycles.
+ Shoes-motorized skate.
+ Fly Rights.
+ Smart car.
+ Electric Bike.
+ Electric water transport.
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