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Anti-gravity "stool" Grebennikov.

Viktor Grebennikov - entomology, animal artist, astronomer, inventor and writer. The naturalist, who devoted his life to the study of nature, in particular insects. The creator of the Novosibirsk Museum of Agroecology and Environment.
The list of his personal achievements - a few books and numerous scholarly articles on the beetles, bees, butterflies and other arthropods.
Exploring the structure of insects, watching their behavior, Grebennikov has created anti-gravity aircraft, as described in detail in his most famous book titled "My World".
Here are some excerpts that will "understand" as well as enabling the researcher to the Siberian translate almost fanttastichesky project a reality.
So, a quiet evening. Viktor lay down to rest on one of the lawns, as suddenly felt something strange.
"Suddenly something flashed flashes, I open my eyes, but the flashes do not disappear - dancing on the pearly silvery evening the sky, the lake, on the grass.

Came the sharp metallic taste in your mouth - if I put my contacts in the language of strong batteries. Buzzing in the ears clearly hear the double blows of his own heart. What here a dream!
I sit down and try to drive away these unpleasant feelings, but nothing comes out, just flashes in the eyes of the broad and narrow, become blurred, not sharp sparks, without a chain, and hinder a look around. And then I remembered a very similar feeling I had experienced several years ago in a grove, as it is in Enchanted Grove! I had to get up and walk on the beach: all there is it?..
Here, a meter away from the cliff - a clear impact "something" depart into the steppes of ten meters - that "something" is quite clearly disappears.
Back down under the cliff, I sit by the water, a large lump of clay. I sit for five minutes, ten - nothing bad there, just right around here to lie down to sleep, but then, at the bottom, it is very damp.
Climb to the top of the cliff - the old story! Dizzy again "galvanic" sour mouth, and seemed to change my weight - that I'm incredibly easy, then, on the contrary, the heavy-heavy, in the eyes again flashed different colors.
It is not clear: it would be a truly "black spot", some kind of anomaly is bad - do not be grown here, at the top, it's thick grass, and would not breed the very large bees, minks are literally dotted with steep clay cliff - and I'm arranged for the night just above their underground "pchelogradom", in the depths of which, of course, a great many passages, chambers, larvae, pupae, and healthy living.

Since that time I did not understand, and not awake, with a heavy head, in the early summer morning - the sun has not risen - leaning towards the canal, so that on the ride to go to Isilkul.
That summer I visited the Lake enchanted four times, at different times of day and different weather. By the end of the summer my bees flew there in an incredible amount, bringing the burrows somewhere bright yellow pollen - in fact, feel fine. Why not be said of me: a meter away from the precipice of their sockets - a distinct "complex" discomfort, five meters - without them.
The answer came many years later, when pchelograd in the valley of death Kamyshlovo: arable land coming right up to the very edge of the cliff that collapsed because of this, and now there is not just any mink or a blade of grass, but the vilest and a huge dump. I was only a handful of old clay lumps - the debris of the nests, numerous closets cells.
The same bee, clay honeycomb cells were located side by side and looked like small thimbles, or, rather, with a smoothly tapered jugs necks, and I knew that these bees belong to the species' galikt chetyrehpoyaskovy "- the number of light rings in the elongated abdomen.
On my desktop cluttered instruments, housing the ants, grasshoppers, bubbles with chemicals and all other sorts of things, there was a wide piece of plate, filled with these porous lumps of clay. Needed to take something, and I carried his hand over these perforated rubble. And the miracle happened: I was on them suddenly felt warm.
Touched the lumps by hand - cold, over them the same - a clear sense of warmth, in addition, appeared in the fingers of some unknown to me before tremors, twitching, ticking.
And when I pushed the bowl of nests on the edge of the table and bent over her face, felt the same thing on the Lake: if the head is light and great-great, the body falls down somewhere, in the eyes - iskropodobnye outbreaks in the mouth - taste of the batteries, slight nausea ... I put the top piece of cardboard - the same feeling. The lid of the pot - if it had not, and that "something" pierces right through the barrier.
Based on bee nests, I've done several dozen artificial "cell" made of plastic, paper, metal, wood and found that the cause of all those unusual sensations - no no "aura", and the size, shape, number and arrangement of cavities formed by any firm the bodies. Describing the effect of the discovery the Cavity Structures - EPS, I went hard and diversity of experience, and Nature has continued to reveal to me its innermost secrets one after another.
After further investigation of this phenomenon Grebennikov discovered that EPS does not screened, like gravity, acting on living organisms through walls, thick metal, and other obstacles. It also found that CSE leaves a "trace" (phantom) on the spot, and after removal of the same place you can feel its effects.
Grebennikov also described the impact of another cavity structural effect: "It turned out that the" pillar "or" ray "EPS stronger effect on living when he was sent to the tinted side and down the center of the Earth

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